Dust seal systems

Dust seal systemsDust emissions of raw material in processing plants have negative affects on both machine technology and the working environment. Dust results in a higher abrasion of machine installations, promoting corrosion, affecting the operational health which can can be harmful to employees.

 Through a simple encapsulation of the machine, a significant reduction in both emissions and Oise Reduktion can be achieved.  In the same way the size of the filter and exhauster efficency, of machines that are connected to extraction- and filter systems, can be reduced.

Dust seal systems are therefore a beneficial investment due to the reduction in costs of maintenance and  energy consumption.

Dust seal systems are made of high quality RUTEC R0951 rubber sheets, that can be fixed with elastic clamping corners and rails to the machine.


  • High flexibility
  • Excellent weather and ozone resistance
  • Easy handling and high tensile strength
  • Long life span

A variety of machines, dust sealing systems can be fitted without structural changes. Instalation is possible for both vibrating and swinging machines, this includes the connection joints between swinging and static components. In special cases it is helpful to install a corresponding fixing rail to set up the terminal strip during the construction process.

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Product specification   RUTEC R0951
Colour   black
Hardness (ASTM 2240-1986) ° Shore A 50 +/- 5
Spec. weight kg/l 1,25
Temperature resistance, constant ° C 70
Abrasion value (DIN 53516) mm³ 70
Tensile strength (ISO 37-1977) N/mm² 15
Rebound elasticity (BS 903 Part 22,3) %  
Ultimate elongation (ISO 37-1977) % 550
Special product characteristics Bewertung  
Very good dry abrasion and impingement resistance good
Wet abrasion resistance good
UV – resistance good
Ozone resistance no
Oil resistance no
Cut- and tear resistance good
Deformation stability good
Attenuation attributes good
Electric resistance good
Resistant towards various chemicals good
Terminal strips and corners Bore aperture Lenght
Terminal corner inside moulded 31mm 205/205mm Schenkellänge
Terminal corner outside moulded 31mm 205/205mm Schenkellänge
Terminal stripe (can be customized by length)31mm 1350mm