Natural rubber is the ideal material, thanks to the outstanding physical properties in the areas of tensile strength, abrasion value, resilience and ultimate elongation. Over the years these properties have helped establish all natural rubber products. Furthermore it has proven itself in the areas of ballistic protection, vibration, sound dampening and high-elastic coverings for other industries.

With the correct selection for a specific application even under difficult operating conditions, a long life span is guaranteed.

RUTEC natural rubber products are characterised by the following positive attributes:

  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Very high tear / tensile strength
  • Good attenuation attributes
  • Good UV resistance
  • Very good cut resistance
  • High elasticity
  • High distortion stability

Application area
RUTEC products range from various applications, with their special attributes being perfectly adapted and adjusted to the specific requirements.

Typical application include:

  • Lining of tanks, chutes, conductor pipes, flumes
  • Rubber curtains in sand blasting cabinets
  • Dust protection coverings in vibration and recycling technology
  • Special gaskets, hand hole coverings
  • Coating of conveyors belts and belting
  • Ballistic material for indoor and outdoor ranges